We love Tea!

Tea has always played a big role in our lives, because the love of tea has been with us since childhood. A few years ago, we could see the hype surrounding bubble tea in Europe, but it has come to an end - the ingredients in the bubbles (also known as boba) have been heavily criticized, as they were in many cases anything but natural.

A few years later, we, Jacky and Kimi, set ourselves the task of bringing bubble teas and other Fusion Tee variations with natural ingredients onto the European market - currently with a location in Vienna.

We work almost exclusively with natural ingredients and even produce our bubbles (tapioca) in our store. We took a role model in the booming market in China.
We are proud and happy to be the only fusion tea Store in Austria offering homemade tapioca and cream cheese teas in conjunction with high quality teas.

We're dedicated to deliver a contemporary tea experience using natural ingredients.

Yours, Jacky and Kimi

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